Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Seriously, that phrase has been in my head all day long. And it’s silly because I don’t even think I’m in the mood for a chicken dinner…but I am in the mood for winning! Camp Nano, that is!


I’m pretty dang pleased with myself. Not because I wrote 50k (I didn’t) or finished my draft (not even close)…but because I proved to myself that I can do this. I made a doable writing goal for myself. I set up a dedicated writing time and stuck to it for the month. I allowed people to read my baby novel-in-progress. I learned where it was weak and where it was strong. And I found out that it might actually be halfway decent. It might not go to MIT, but I’m pretty sure it can cut it at state college. My little novel, all grown up and having people read it and critique it. *sniff sniff*

I really thought I’d never get this far. I never imagined I’d be so involved in this writing hobby of mine that it would directly affect my life and the way I live it. I never thought I could get up at freakin’ 5:30 in the morning just to write my story down for others to read. Hell, I never thought it would ever be good enough for others to read…I guess what I’m trying to say is just do it. If you have something you really want to create, go for it. Make time for it. Don’t sit around and wait on it to fall in your lap…My only regret in all of this writing business is that I didn’t start doing this sooner.

And now that I’ve gone down the motivational road once again, I suppose I should wrap this up by congratulating all the other Camp Nano winners! I’ve met a bunch of you this month, be it in my cabin, on twitter, or here on good ol’ wordpress. Dang, I almost feel like I’m getting the hang of this social media thing…better knock on wood.

Going into August, expect me to frantically be catching up on my Blogging 201 course that I’ve been filing away for a rainy day. I also promised to post about my second award that was given to me, so that’s incoming. And after that, you’ll probably hear about some of this stuff in random order: novel-writing, beta-readers, characters who don’t do what you want, plotlines that don’t do what you want, my upcoming trip back home a.k.a. let’s find out how a three-year-old handles a flight across the country, my dog’s inability to not be a total spaz, evil diets, treadmill belts, and why my backyard looks like a jungle. It’s been a pretty interesting month and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Until then, have a great weekend, all you lovely faces! Keep on keeping on!

-Christine B.

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