A Bad Start

August has not been kind to me so far. I’ve been full of Adult Responsibilities and cold viruses, and yesterday I officially declared it the Worst Summer Month of 2015. I suppose that’s a little unfair seeing as we’re only six days into it, but I was feeling bitter and my nose wouldn’t stop running no matter how much I promised to smell beautiful things like flowers and dryer sheets and chicken-in-a-biskit crackers if it would only please stop…

But since I consider myself a “that glass is not just half full, but overflowing with distilled party juice” kind of person, I have hope for the rest of this sorry month. I just need to look at the positives:

1. My cold is almost over! Like, for serious! I know I’ve been telling myself that for the whole entire week, but seriously guys, any day now. Tomorrow for sure.


2. I’m itching to write. Real real bad. Since my nose has refused to accept my demands, I haven’t been able to look down at my keyboard without causing a biological disaster at my desk, so my Inner Writing Beast is losing his mind. I’ll have to write a freakin’ novel to satiate him, which is the plan anyway, so it should work out.

3. The weather might get cooler. Maybe. I hope. Or our swamp cooler might magically metamorphosize into an air conditioner. That would also be acceptable.

4. Each day brings me closer to September, when I’ll be visiting the good ol’ Midwest for a week. Yay for leaving the house and acting like a real human being!

5. Each day brings me closer to October, which is my favorite month because pumpkins and costumes and scary stuff and autumn.

6. Each day brings me closer to Christmas. (Alright, this is getting out of hand…)

I was trying to get this list all the way to ten, but August, what the hell, man? Why do you offer me nothing? Am I just bitter about being sick and missing out on the beginning of Blaugust and the Booktubeathon? Am I sad about not having a big overarching goal for my life like I did in June and July? Must I force you to be an interesting month in my life?!


I guess August and I have some things to figure out. Hopefully tomorrow will look a little brighter.


How is your August going? Full of hope and sunshine and life goals? Or full of germs and malcontent? Let me know and we’ll beat this month into submission together! (I’m so violent today…guess it’s another symptom of my cold…)

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