In Which I Answer Random Questions From a Friendly Stranger

(Guys! Guys! I’ve officially fixed my August Blues! I’ve successfully made some goals this month thanks to my Nano Cabin, my husband, my messy house, and dog faces. How have these things changed me? Tune in next time, same-ish time, same-ish week to hear the thrilling conclusion!

And now for something completely different!)

The very pleasant deviantdaydream nominated me for an award awhile back, and I’m finally getting around to it. It’s the Sisterhood of the World award, and it comes with questions for me to answer! Yay for me not having to come up with things all by myself! These questions are from deviantdaydream herself, so here I go!

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1. Morning bird or night owl?

That, dear friends, is a complicated question, although it didn’t used to be. A younger self would say “Night Owl” with a cheery, dreamy look in her eyes, all innocent and free from the responsibilities of adult life. Present Me scoffs at Past Me, as she wonders if 9pm is too early to go to bed.

To be truthful, I never thought I could love the morning. I always felt more alive and productive at night, and never had any problems staying up past the midnight hour. But now that I have a kid and stuff to do during the day, I’ve had to make the change. Fun little fact for you non-parents out there: children don’t sleep in. Which means you won’t either. Ever.

But you know what? It hasn’t been that bad. I now successfully get up at 5:30am nearly every day, 6:00am at the latest, to do this whole writing thing before my household wakes up. Past Me still can’t fathom it and wants to state that she has an evening soul, whatever that means.

2. Favourite food?

All of them. Like, really, I just love food so much. I wish I didn’t, but we can’t change who we are, can we? *innocently ignores the previous answer*

Some of my favorites include taco salad, chicken strips, chips and salsa/nachos and cheese, pickles, cold leftover pizza, spaghetti, and chocolate everything. Yes, I do hate dieting, why do you ask?

3. What’s your favourite season?

Yay, an easy question! My favorite season, hands down, no comparison, is Autumn. I am in love with it. In fact, other than friends and family, it’s the thing I miss most about the Midwest. I love the changing of the trees, and the nip in the air as things turn chilly. I love wearing hoodies and jeans. I love seeing piles of crunchy leaves on the lawn. I love Halloween and just everything about it. I love going to an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch and going on hayrides. I really just love the whole season, which sadly doesn’t exist in the desert. I think the trees in the mountains change colors, but it’s just not the same.

4. Favourite movie?

And back to the hard questions. I am not a movie-person, but there are some I like…but to declare a favorite? That’s a bit too difficult. Here’s a list instead:

Wall-E, The Incredibles, Iron Man, The Brothers Bloom, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, How to Train Your Dragon, and I’m sure there are others but I just can’t think of them…Notice all of these movies are older, because I’ve really stopped watching movies in the last few years (I make an exception for Marvel movies, because they are just too much fun not to watch.)

5. Favourite book?

Again, too difficult:

The Phantom Tollbooth (I think I had this book checked out of the library for an entire summer in my youth. I remember my dad would return it for me, and I would ride my bike back to the library the next day to check it out again.)

Speak and Catalyst, both by Laurie Halse Anderson

anything Stephen King, especially his short stories

I would have a longer list, but my personal library is currently in storage across the country, so I can’t go cheat and look’em up.

6. Best memory?

Pft. How in the world would I even begin to choose? Um…

-picking mulberries in my grandma’s backyard

-Reading books while sitting in the fork of a tree at my other grandmother’s house

-Meditating by a lake during summer camp

-riding my bike with my golden retriever running alongside me by the river

-all the freakin’ times my daughter has done something new and adorable and has made me tear up with tears of motherly joy at totally inopportune times

-going to my first anime convention with my best friends and we did a group cosplay that was super-cool like you don’t even know

-Trekking around Chicago, just me and my husband (can’t remember if we were married at the time), seeing the sights, wearing Converse sneakers because the Doctor wore them (David Tennant for life!). First trip on our own, first time on a public bus/subway/taxi, first time riding the train back to home.

-Everything in college: writing fanfiction after my more responsible roommate went to bed, playing my electric guitar on the steps outside my dorm, late-night winter walks with a warm hoodie for company, going to the cafeteria late so I could call my bestie every day during lunch

-Taking a road trip down to Augusta, Georgia to see my husband while he was in his army training. Drove a 13 hour roadtrip all by myself without stopping at a hotel and super-enjoyed it.

-And, more recently, taking my very first trip to Arizona. I flew all by myself (my first time on a plane ever), successfully navigated a layover, rented a car for the first time, drove across the desert for three hours, spent a week with my hubby who was already here, then flew back to Chicago to catch a train back home. Again, to reiterate, I crossed the country all by myself…In hindsight, it was probably a good way to become a missing person, but I made it! The scariest part was riding the subway and walking to the train station in the dead of night in Chicago.

7. How do you relax?

Hmm, how do I relax? I’ve been having a bit of trouble with being stressed out lately, so this is a good question for me right now. Back home, I really enjoyed walking on trails and such, but here it’s not really safe to do that alone (too many desert things that want to kill you all the freakin’ time). For bedtime, I have a sleep playlist that I made to help zone me out. I also really enjoy lying on the ground, like in the grass at a park or something (again, not something I can easily do here because the grass is not as soft, and laying out in the sun will cook me).

For just a get-away sort of feeling, video games have always been my go-to. Or shopping trips with friends usually work pretty well.

8. Why did you get into blogging?

I guess I thought it was cool?

Actually, once I decided to give this whole writer-thing a go, it was a pretty easy decision. Writers write, and I wanted a place where I could connect with future readers and write a little bit more informally. Plus it gives me a place to write about whatever topic I want to for no reason at all.

9. Most used app on your phone?

Hmm, let me look. *Gets out aging smartphone that is in its death throes*

Other than social media, I use a very pretty Digital Timer app for my writing sprints, Writeometer to remind me to write, MyFitnessPal for whenever I’m feeling like being healthy, and’s app, because I like funny and informative articles. Yep, pretty boring, but my phone is 3 years old and not doing superwell right now, so I don’t do much heavy lifting on it.

My tablet has my kindle app and all my games on it, but those are my mobile time-wasting shame games which are to never be shared, so too bad! You will never know how many stupid pet games and village-builders I play, mwahaha!

10. If you had 1 million pounds, what would you do with it?

Well, first I’d convert it to dollars, unless I was taking some crazy extravagant European trip, in which I would probably convert it to Euros (I think? I really have little understanding of the world, don’t judge! Ok, you can judge a little, I should know better by now.)

In my real life, I would do stupid normal stuff with it. I would pay off my debts, pay off my cars, possibly buy a new one (nothing crazy though. Probably a standard SUV/crossover thing). I would want to buy a house because renting kinda sucks a lot. I would make sure that my new house had a dedicated office room so that I could “go to work” and still stay at home. I would set aside money for my daughter to go to college. Perhaps I would get my hair colored, buy a new wardrobe, I don’t know. I’ve lived off a very tight budget for years, so spending a lot of money does not sit well with me. I would probably throw most of it in the bank until I thought of a decent way to use it (or maybe invest it, so it will grow, something responsible.)

In my fantasy life, I would go buy and stable a horse and all its accessories and take riding lessons so I could go on whimsical horse adventures. I would also take a train trip around the Western/Northern US. And probably get my daughter into some sort of preschool so I could have more time to write. Wow, don’t my exciting ideas just blow you out of the water?

Thanks for making it this far! Sorry those answers were so long-winded; I think I’m trying to compensate for not writing an article of any quality in such a long time. Luckily, that will be changing soon, so please stick around, won’t you? And thanks again to deviantdaydream for nominating me for this award! She is currently blogging her epic goal-setting summer on her site and she is doing much more interesting things than I am, so go check her out!

Have a great day, all you friendly faces!

-Christine B.

A Bad Start

August has not been kind to me so far. I’ve been full of Adult Responsibilities and cold viruses, and yesterday I officially declared it the Worst Summer Month of 2015. I suppose that’s a little unfair seeing as we’re only six days into it, but I was feeling bitter and my nose wouldn’t stop running no matter how much I promised to smell beautiful things like flowers and dryer sheets and chicken-in-a-biskit crackers if it would only please stop…

But since I consider myself a “that glass is not just half full, but overflowing with distilled party juice” kind of person, I have hope for the rest of this sorry month. I just need to look at the positives:

1. My cold is almost over! Like, for serious! I know I’ve been telling myself that for the whole entire week, but seriously guys, any day now. Tomorrow for sure.


2. I’m itching to write. Real real bad. Since my nose has refused to accept my demands, I haven’t been able to look down at my keyboard without causing a biological disaster at my desk, so my Inner Writing Beast is losing his mind. I’ll have to write a freakin’ novel to satiate him, which is the plan anyway, so it should work out.

3. The weather might get cooler. Maybe. I hope. Or our swamp cooler might magically metamorphosize into an air conditioner. That would also be acceptable.

4. Each day brings me closer to September, when I’ll be visiting the good ol’ Midwest for a week. Yay for leaving the house and acting like a real human being!

5. Each day brings me closer to October, which is my favorite month because pumpkins and costumes and scary stuff and autumn.

6. Each day brings me closer to Christmas. (Alright, this is getting out of hand…)

I was trying to get this list all the way to ten, but August, what the hell, man? Why do you offer me nothing? Am I just bitter about being sick and missing out on the beginning of Blaugust and the Booktubeathon? Am I sad about not having a big overarching goal for my life like I did in June and July? Must I force you to be an interesting month in my life?!


I guess August and I have some things to figure out. Hopefully tomorrow will look a little brighter.


How is your August going? Full of hope and sunshine and life goals? Or full of germs and malcontent? Let me know and we’ll beat this month into submission together! (I’m so violent today…guess it’s another symptom of my cold…)