In the Habit of Questing

Another one shared from my new blog. Thought it might be relevant to a few of you cool people here too! Hope you’re having a good one, whatever it may be!

Pen and Game

Hello friendly peoples! Happy Tuesday, probably!

Yesterday, I figured out my Twitch streaming schedule and then proceeded to stream on and off all day to try and get used to it. Thanks for stopping by if you happened to catch me online!

Today I thought I’d share a tool that I’ve been using to help keep me on track and motivated to better myself. And that tool is a little website known as Habitica.

Now this is not a new website; in fact, I’ve used it on and off for the past several years, but I mention it now because I’ve got a blog now and I can, so why not? Habitica is a habit-tracking website that tracks your habits as if you’re a questing adventurer in an RPG world. You start out as a Warrior-class noobie, and as you level up, you can pick between four different classes…

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