What is this blog anyway?

*wakes up*
*rubs eyes*
*squints blurrily in your direction*

Oh…hello there…is this..a blog? Is that where I am? Wait…I’m starting to get some sort of recollection of this place…Faint memories in the back of my mind of putting together posts, writing, editing…Oh yeah! I have a blog! Hello, hello! Well, I suppose I should get myself sorted and write up a real-type blog post, yes? One moment please.

*hurriedly preps a post, feeling like a kindergartener at her first day of school*

Okay! There we go! So sorry for the, er, delay. Hope you like it!

*runs off to hide in a ball of comforters and quilts while you read*


Hello there, everyone! So it’s been…a while…and I figured I should update you on what I’ve been doing. Since this is a blog for that sort of thing anyway. It is, right? It’s been so long, I’m not even sure what this blog is anymore, whoops. But I’ll address that in a bit.
First off, how are you? Seriously, how have you all been? Are you all still out there, hanging out in your own internet grottos? Feel free to stop reading right this second and let me know in the comments. Because as soon as I got back on WordPress and started browsing through my reader, I was instantly filled with some sort of strange regret over all the things I’ve missed while I’ve been away. I hope you are all happy and healthy and one step closer to your goals 🙂

Okay, done updating me on your life since last fall? Good good. I suppose I should ask myself the same question: How have *I* been?

The answer to that is…good? I’ve been good? At least, I think I’ve been good the past few months. I’ve definitely been different. I sure don’t keep a schedule like I used to. Part of that is because my daughter now goes to school 3 days a week, so that’s weird and makes me feel old. And part of it is because I’ve used the last few months to really dive into my other passionate hobby, gaming.

Since starting a fanfiction with my friend last spring, I’ve really been head-over-heels in love with gaming. I’ve been a gamer for years, but this last year was the first time that I really delved into an MMO, and boy, is that sure different. I feel like even if I logged in every single day, I’d still have things left to do in the game. And for awhile, that’s exactly what I did…and my writing time suffered because of it. Not that I wasn’t having fun, mind you, but I did miss the writing aspect of my life. And thus, The Fanfiction was born.
Turns out that it doesn’t matter how much gaming I do, I will still always be a writer at heart. I’ve found in the last few months that no matter what game I am playing, I will usually have a notebook next to me so that I can take notes on the story as I go along (whether that game has an actual storyline or if I’m just making one up myself). That’s just how I like to play games. I say this all casual-like, but in reality I’ve only recently come to terms with this.

So my last few months have been full of mostly gaming interspersed with little snippets of note-taking. I made a Twitch channel in November and tried my hand at streaming some games (quite a scary prospect for an introvert, let me tell you!). I even made a new blog, because I didn’t want to spam this one with all my video game thoughts.

But I don’t know if I have the energy to try and balance two blogs. It seems that I don’t have quite enough writing/personal articles for this site, and not quite enough video game articles for the other. So…should I combine them? Or stick to one topic? Or keep up with the two of them and hope I get better? These are the kind of questions I’ve been asking myself, and I’m still unsure as to how to proceed. But both the Writer Me and Gamer Me agree that whatever I decide to do, more actual writing should be taking place. Because it’s fun and I enjoy and why the hell not, right?

And that’s been about it. My life is a bit boring most of the time. My days are pretty much the same, the curse of a stay-at-home mom, I suppose. But I am happy right now, and the desire to improve myself is loud and demanding. I’m just going to run with it and see where it takes me for the next year. Determination, whoo!

Well, I’m off to finish typing up my next blog post like a responsible writer-person. Let me know what you think about my not-really-a-huge-problem dilemma. Would you like to see game-related content here more, if it was written in an approachable way? Would you rather I keep it separate? Should I do a trial run, or keep scheduled “gaming” and “writing” blog days? Decisions, decisions!

Have a good Monday, yeah?