Long Time Gone

Hello, everyone! How are you? Feels like it’s been such a long time since we last talked…am I running late? *checks calendar* Hmm, looks like I haven’t posted in about three months…HOLY PENCILS IT’S BEEN THREE MONTHS?!


Looking back to that time, I see that I up and left at the end of the April A-Z Challenge. Yeah…uh…sorry about that. But the reason why I left so suddenly coincides with the reason why I’m back now, so let me explain.

I am a writer. And while that’s probably pretty obvious, I still feel like I need to explain myself a bit because there are different kinds of writers out there. Some writers are diligent, hard-working individuals, full of self-discipline and good work ethic. I…am not one of those writers. I prefer to think of myself more as a professional daydreamer who just happens to use written words to get my thoughts out of my head. And three months ago, I started daydreaming hardcore

A new story had fluttered into my head unexpectedly. It was fueled by a video game and my best friend/extension of my soul, and let me tell you, it was relentless. I’m not sure whether I mentioned it in my A-Z posts or not (and I’m too lazy to go check), but by that last week, I was seriously struggling to think about anything other than the fictional drama playing out in my head. And so, I simply stopped resisting and let it take over.
I don’t know if that was the right or best decision, but frankly, I didn’t care. The A-Z Challenge was my attempt to trick myself into writing more; did it really matter if I dropped one writing goal to start working on another? In the end, I had words on paper…but I see now that that decision wasn’t very fair to you dear readers here, and for that, I  do apologize.

So now, I’m back! And I have plans! I am hoping to start posting here regularly on Wednesdays to share a bit of myself with you in whatever form that happens to take. Probably ramble-y journal-type entries about the desert and my dog, given what I know about myself. But I also have some writing-related articles in the works that I would love to put out on Fridays. Those will probably be a bit more infrequent at first, but I’m going to give’em a try!

Oh, about that story that so rudely interrupted my A-Z Challenge…I will be posting that as well! I’m setting up another blog for it and all my other video-game related writings (they desperately need a home of their own; I’m starting to run out of headspace). I’m aiming to post a chapter a week, so if you like hopeful sci-fi adventures with odd couple main characters, it might be the story for you. And don’t worry about the whole “based on a video game thing;” I am writing it in a way that will make sense whether you’ve seen the game or not. Chapter One will be coming out next week; I’ll be sure to excitedly make an all-caps post about it when it happens.

And, once again, I am so, so sorry to become one of those “Are they dead?” bloggers. I promise to put in my will for some famous author to update all my blogs and social media feeds with beautiful, nonsensical poetics whenever I kick the bucket.

In the meantime, please tell me what you’ve been up to over the past three months. Did you have a nice summer? Don’t make me go internet-stalk you to find out, because I will! I will…

4 thoughts on “Long Time Gone

  1. As far as reasons for not blogging go, a new story is an excellent one! I’m happy for you that you got such an exciting, all-consuming idea. That’s a wonderful feeling. But wait! This post is from August (apologies for my delayed reading…) and you haven’t mentioned anything about the new story since. How is it going??


    1. Thanks for the comment! And so timely too, as I’ve been thinking about my sad lack of blogging lately. Hopefully this week I can provide some good updates as to what I’ve been doing all this time (spoilers: mostly goofing off writing fanfiction 🙂 ).

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