Day 21 – U is for Uliginous


(adj) slimy; oozy; swampy; growing in swampy places


Today’s word is a gross descriptor, but I simply couldn’t ignore the vividness of it. I don’t personally have a lot of experience with swamps, which is probably why this word called out to me. It was something new and different and fun to imagine. I’ve been on a fictional rampage with my thoughts lately and I’m sure I will thoroughly enjoy throwing my characters into a uliginous location sometime soon!

How about you? Do you have some swamp experience? Any memorable swamps that you’ve been too? Let me know in the comments!

Also, Happy Monday! For some reason my Monday posts just seem to be getting shorter and shorter lately; sorry about that! I’ve been doing a lot of fiction writing and its been kind of hard to tear myself away from it. But we’re on the last week of this crazy challenge and I will not stop now! Yay for willpower! Or feeling obligated to finish public challenges! Woot!

6 thoughts on “Day 21 – U is for Uliginous

  1. Uliginous…

    Awesome word!
    If you hadn’t have written the definition, I don’t think I ever would have connected the word of the day to swamps, slime, and things that grow in swampy places, lol! I will miss this blogging challenge that you decided to take on; it truly has opened my mind up to exploring the vast island that is language again. How’s the fiction writing going? Sounds like fun! Hm…I can’t think of any swamp stories…


  2. I have a cedar swamp in my ‘back forty’. Once I went through the cedar swamp, heading due south, going from tree-root to tree-root. I ended up on land belonging to my neighbor to the west.
    I never heard of the word uliginous before, and I kind of ‘collect’ big words. My favorite big word is ‘defenestration.’ Which means throwing someone out the window.


  3. Fabulous word! I’ve only visited one swamp – Black Bayou in Louisiana which is a cypress tree swamp. It was wonderfully mysterious and I imagined it would be the perfect spot for some strange tale.


  4. You’ve chosen some wonderful words for this challenge! We had a back corner of our property when I was a kid that was pretty uliginous. In the spring/summer it was home to a thriving colony of frogs and in the winter it would freeze over for us to skate on.


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