F is for Footle

(verb) engage in fruitless activity; mess about

Footle may be my word of the month! I identify with this word. In fact, footling may also be my favorite pastime.
I really don’t have much to say about this one other than I am going to take every opportunity today to work this word into my normal conversations and see how many weird looks I can get. Maybe I’ll partake in some footle-like activities in honor of it. Maybe you’ll footle too. We can all footle together! Let the footling commence!



Sorry this is such a short one. Thursdays are my new day off from housewife duties, so I’m taking a much needed break on all my responsibilites today. If you need some more blogging goodness, here’s the list of all the other A to Z Challenge participants: click here!

I have met tons of lovely people already from this challenge and we still have three weeks to go…Really looking forward to getting to know more of you terrific readers/writers!

7 thoughts on “F is for Footle

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