Day 17 – Q is for Qualtagh


(noun – Manx English) The first person one encounters, either after leaving one’s home or (sometimes) outside one’s home, especially on New Year’s Day.


Spoiler Alert: This is a trash post and you should probably not read it because its extremely ramble-y and I’m really tired and I’m only posting because dang I’ve made it this far already and I can’t quit now.

Apologies in advance.


Ah. Well. Here we are. The letter “Q,” is it? Let’s see what we got here…

Look…I’m going to be frank with you…I woke up this morning at 5:30 AM, sat down at my computer and wrote fiction for an hour. Then I took a short break to get my husband off to work. When I got back to the computer, I thought, “wow, I’m being really productive today, I should work on my blog post now so that I don’t put it off until too late.” So I promptly looked up “q” words and found this beauty and had a million lovely and interesting thoughts about it…And then my daughter woke up.

The rest of my day consisted of being a preschool teacher for a classroom of one. I did puzzles, played Candy Land, stopped tantrums caused by the result of playing Candy Land, went out for a bike ride, did some school lessons, gave out good behavior stickers, wondered where the good behavior went by lunchtime, made lunch, gave child cake so that I could finish my own lunch, and eventually got the little darlin’ into bed for a nap. Then I took a nap myself and eventually found myself back to the computer, a whole day having passed between the start of this post and the finish of it.

All the lovely thoughts I had about this word have been absorbed into the day. I briefly remember something about making a challenge to note the first person you saw outside. I suppose I just thought it was a cool idea…*shrugs* Sorry guys. Eight hours with a four-year-old and now I’ve got nothing. I can tell you all the pups in Paw Patrol though. That counts for something, right?

Maybe you have some thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments. Or just let me know how your day went. It’s cool.

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