Phoenix and the Lava People*

I went to Phoenix, AZ a few weekends ago and these were my exact thoughts:

I have been living in Arizona for over a year now, so let me clear some things up. I had never been to the Southwest before I moved here. Most of the people I knew had never been either. When I announced to my friends and family that I was moving, I was warned over and over about how hot it is and how I was going to melt. Which is true, if you live in certain parts of the state, like Phoenix or Yuma.

Thankfully I live three hours south of Phoenix and if you’re thinking that you can’t live three hours south of Phoenix and still be in the country, well, you’re almost correct. I can see Mexican mountains from my house. But although it looks like a desert postcard outside, it really isn’t all that hot. I have the lovely elevation to thank for that.

My home town sits at around 4,600 feet, while Phoenix is about 1,100. And boy do those 3,000 feet make a difference. While Phoenix temperatures regularly reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (the average is over 100 days a year!), my little slice of Arizona averages highs between 61 degrees in January to 93 degrees in the hottest month of June. And with the humidity being so much lower than my previous home, even those hot days don’t feel quite so bad.

But Phoenix is seriously hot and I don’t know how people live there. Hats off to you, lava people of Phoenix!

*Phoenix and the Lava People sounds like a half-decent story prompt to me. Flash fiction, anyone?

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