What Photo-Manip Apps Do You Prefer?

Since I am a pretty novice internet-person, I have a question for all you more savvy types:

What photo manipulation apps do you prefer?

The only one I ever use is Instagram, and while that’s nice for posting on, well, Instagram, I’d like something a bit different for editing photos here. And yes, I could and have searched them up myself (I’m not being lazy, I swear! Procrastinating a bit, but not lazy!), but I’m asking for opinions here. ¬†Features I’m looking for are ease of use (since I’m a noob), price (since I’m broke), and quality (since I’m fly like that). Mobile apps and browser apps are both totally fine.

So throw some suggestions my way, pretty please? Pretty pretty please? Pretty please with puppies on top? And the puppies are only for decoration, not for eating, just to clear that up, but if you want they can be holding bags of jelly beans or chocolate chips or whatever you’re into these days. I won’t judge.

Picture Day – Doggy Style!

Who’s ready for some adorable pictures of the best dog in the world? Well, maybe not the best…maybe the most decent dog in the world? Yeah, that seems better. I’m not sure he wins any medals for being a spaz or for constantly digging holes in the backyard, but I don’t have any medals either, so we’re a perfect fit! So go, Picture Day! Onward!

(Here’s the links to Picture Day 1 and Picture Day 2: Vacay Edition if you really can’t get enough of my smartphone camerawork. Click on any image below to see my puppy-dog fill up your screen.)

First pictures after we got him! He climbed right up into my daughter’s lap and I thought, ‘Yay, we made the right parental decision by getting a puppy for a 2-year-old!’ It’s funny how we trick ourselves, isn’t it?
He liked to hide in the corner of the kitchen when we first brought him home. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now I know it’s because he’s a timid spaz. If only I had recognized the signs.
My husband’s family bred labradors when he was a kid and he was always sad that he couldn’t keep a yellow one…20 years later, childhood wish granted!
He almost looks like a sophisticated highbrow in this picture. We know better now.
We got him from Tucson, so I think this was the first rainfall he ever saw. He sat on the patio and contemplated his existence for awhile, like we all do in the rain from time to time. I, of course, taunted him about being a water-hating water dog. That’s my boy!
He was sad when he outgrew this hallowed spot under my daughter’s eatin’ table. His head still fits though, and that’s where he is for every human meal.
Chewing a bone. Yep. Award-winning commentary, right here.
My husband was not happy to see this picture of him on our pillows. I assured him he was only up there long enough to take a picture. I might have lied. Yep, definitely lied.
I have so many pictures of this dog sleeping that I should be a classified creeper. He’s just so cute and easy to photograph when he’s unconscious…

So that’s the pup! These pictures are from February when we first got him, so he’s much bigger now. For those who care, his name is Chester (named after the Winchesters from Supernatural and the fact that my hubby sold one of his rifles to pay for him) and he is 75% lab and 25% shepherd. He was 9 weeks old when we got him, and now he’s a whopping 7 months and huge and annoying, but I love him just the same.

In the future, I just might make Sunday an official Picture Day or something like that. Any article I try and write on Sunday always falls flat because I’m either in clean-the-house mode or let’s-laze-around-all-day mode. I guess you’ll find out next week if I’m ready for commitment like that.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for humoring my dog addiction!

-Christine B.

Picture Day

My weekends mostly consist of catching up on all the chores I neglected to do during the actual work week, so instead of some words, have some pictures instead! In April, after a year of living in Arizona, I finally got the chance to visit the Grand Canyon. Despite living in the same state, it is still a six hour drive to get there from home, and that’s a long time to spend in the car with toddler… But don’t be fooled, it is so worth it. No pictures truly do it justice, but I hope they’re enjoyable anyway (click on the picture for an expanded view). Have a great Saturday!

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