Day 5 – E is for Ennui

(noun) a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom


I don’t know about you, but French words always give me a run for my money. I can never ever pronounce them, instead just making sounds akin to someone in deep anesthesia. Once upon a time I had dreamt of taking French in school, but my tiny rural community school only offered Spanish…I even went so far as to buy my own pronunciation guide and had my parents inquire about an independent study (I was an ambitious freshman, before I learned that ambition meant hard work). But alas, it was only Spanish for me, so Spanish I did learn. Kinda. (As in I took four years of it and can say hello, goodbye, how are you, and the most important phrase, “I don’t understand.”)

A little background for these words of the day: I’ve been stealing a lot of them from the SAT study list. I used to just look up interesting words, but I realized that I should probably know most SAT words by this point in my life, and if there’s any I don’t know, then dang, I’d better get on that. Ennui was one such word that I’ve read a hundred times without really thinking of what it meant. And that’s not cool.

I don’t think there’s a person alive who hasn’t felt an “utter weariness” creep up on them. I know that every now and then I wander around my house in absolute boredom, even though I have plenty of things I could do – just no motivation to do them. Even worse is watching it happen in other people, something that I see more often than I’d like. Watching people living in a constant state of ennui really motivates me to both try and help them and better myself at the same time. Be a positive example or something.

Even when I have my own boring days, I try and remember that I have the power to make my own happiness. It’s not something that arrives one day in the mail, or is given to you by someone else…I can take the time I have today and make the most of it for myself. Personally, I use meditation and journaling to try and see what’s really got me so down on a particular day…Usually its enough for me to just acknowledge that I’m bored and then I realize that I need to get on with life.

What do you use to get yourself out of a boring funk? Do you ever see bored people and want to help them? Let me know in the comments so I can judge how crazy I am in comparison!