Summer Camp and Alphabets

So what are you doing in April? Yes, I know we’re still in March, and it’s probably bad manners to ignore the month you’re in (sorry March), but since I’m a heathen hermit I do what I want!


Ahem. Yes, April plans. Come, plan with me!

First things first, I am now and forever officially participating in Camp Nano next month. If you are unfamiliar with it, here’s a friendly FAQ link to help you get by, but it’s basically an online writing retreat that doesn’t have mosquitoes or questionable food choices because it’s done in the safety of your own home! (unless your home is full of mosquitoes and questionable food choices and then I am so so sorry.) It has all the benefits of talking with fellow writers in a private setting without all the wild bears and raccoons and wendigos running amok outside! You can make a cabin and invite your fellow writer friends, or join a cabin some cool person already started, or if you like serendipity, be randomly paired up with a group of similar people. It’s very fun and motivating and you can find some really awesome writer-type people! Fun fact: one of my most consistent writing accountability partners is from last year’s camp. Yeah, it’s that awesome.

Speaking of potentially cool people that start cabins, I have started one of my own today! It’s the Morning Larks: a group of daytime writers fighting against the Night Owl Writer Stereotype! Well, not really “fighting,” just banding together to have cool conversations mostly. I started this cabin last year and had a great time meeting new cool people and staying on track with my writing goals, and it was too much fun not to do it again this year.

So if you like this Camp idea, and are interested in a cabin, and also happen to write while the sun shines, AND want a chance to write and talk with me, which is more likely inversed (I’d love to write and chat with YOU more! I’m a lonely hermit y’know), let me know in the comments and I’ll hook ya up!

Also, there happens to be the A-Z Blogging Challenge next month, which I will *gulp* being participating in…the rules for that are right here. To sum it up, during the month of April, bloggers all over the net will be blogging a post every day based on each letter of the alphabet (I can feel my email subscribers dropping off already – sorry in advance! It probably won’t be all crap, I promise!). I am really doing this as a dare to myself. Last summer I dared myself to blog every day and by crikey, I mostly did it and it was great. I do enjoy blogging and sharing my random thoughts with suave strangers online, and the A-Z blogging challenge will force me to to that and make me be a bit more creative about it too.

April is shaping up to be quite the writing month indeed! I am so looking forward to furthering my craft and meeting new people next month!


So do you have April plans yet, or are you content to live life one month at a time like a reasonable person? Are you interested in Camp Nano? The A-Z blogging challenge? Eating s’mores around a campfire? Do you want to build a snowman? Let me know in the comments below!