Day 19 – S is for Stelliferous


(adj) having or abounding with stars.


What a gorgeous adjective! I was lucky enough to find this word early this month and forget all about it until I found it in my notes for today. Ah, the joys of not being able to remember anything…

I never tire of looking up at the night sky. I have good memories of going stargazing, whether it was to see a particular bright and shiny planet or a meteor shower. Heck, I remember watching Halley’s Comet streak across the sky all those years ago. Some of my more magical memories involved the stars: Driving across the snow-covered New Mexican deserts at four in the morning and seeing shooting stars above me. Running out of the house in my pajamas to watch the International Space Station do a fly-by. Camping out illegally at a church/school’s property to watch the Perseids. I will admit that here in the middle-of-nowhere Arizona, the stars look especially good. Hard for light pollution to get in the way when nobody lives here!

Do you have any stargazing memories to share? Any good times spent under the night sky? Let me know in the comments!

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