Day 15 – O is for Octothorp


(noun) another term for the pound sign (#).

Ah, the octothorp. Who knew that the pound sign had such a weird name? And yes, I come from a childhood where that particular symbol was only known as a pound sign and was only used on telephones that were connected to the house and couldn’t be carried in your pocket. Why do I suddenly feel so old?

Nowadays, that symbol is indisputably called the hashtag, thanks to Twitter and other forms of social media. I will admit that I am a little late to the whole Twitter thang, having only joined in the last year, but its not so bad. The indie author scene is straight up ballin’ yo. (That’s what the kids say these days, right? Right?)

And I will say that the term “hashtags”, and the very idea of them has grown on me. Yes, they can be funny and stupid, but they can also be oh-so-useful. Now if only I can get #octothorp trending today…



Oh, and Happy Monday everyone! Well, as happy as Mondays can be anyway. We’re getting closer to the end of this crazy-cray challenge and I’m itching to post on something other than vocabulary words! I think I already have my full month’s worth of posts for May already, just from the back-up of ideas through April. So stick with me, we’re gonna make it through this and everything will be just peachy! Or apple-y, if you don’t like peaches! Banana-y? Whatever fruit floats your boat!

Much love and fruits!


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