Day 11 – K is for Knoll


(noun) a small hill or mound


Today’s word is a pretty common one, but not one I hear a lot. I believe the only reason I even know this word so well is due to the famous “grassy knoll” that is part of the J.F.K. assassination theories. (Speaking of J.F.K. assassination, if you have Hulu and haven’t watched Stephen King’s 11/22/63 yet, what are you waiting for? James Franco + Stephen King + 60’s conspiracy theories = WIN)

I can actually think of quite a few knolls in my life, and each one was surprisingly pleasant. Living in flat farmland meant that you didn’t often get a view from up high, so knolls were a precious commodity. In the summer, they were perfect for a good roll through the grass; wintertime made them great sledding hills, with the best being crowded during all daylight hours. There is one in particular that was in the park closest to my husband-then-boyfriend’s house. It was a perfectly round man-made thing, and I remember walking their golden retriever up it’s steep slopes during the summer. We would leave at the break of dawn and walk to the top of the knoll to watch the sunrise. The clouds always made the most interesting patterns and I lost many a thought on that hill. Then we’d reluctantly go back home back to reality, although I’m not sure that my head ever left the clouds. And the dog got his walk, so he was, of course, deliriously happy the way only a dog can be. Good times, good knoll…

So do you have any knolls around where you live?

4 thoughts on “Day 11 – K is for Knoll

  1. I can’t think of any knolls around me… none that are known as such anyway. I am in Australia and Queensland at that so no skiing on snow anywhere near me. The Australian ski fields are in Southern NSW and Victoria and some in Tasmania. Knoll is a lovely word isn’t it… its a mix up of Toll an and knell…. but it has nothing to do with bells. Maybe they put bells on knolls in some places. Sorry… I am raving a little. I have been reading lots of blogs and trying to comment on them but some of them I just can’t… they make no sense and are challenging to read let alone comment on. Yours was very readable and I am able to comment so I’m going on a bit. All the best in the rest of the challenge (almost half way through now woot)

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    1. Haha, glad it made sense to you! And thank you for the luck for the rest of the month; it’s definitely been a challenge!
      Sorry you have no knolls…and yes, it’s a very strange word, probably why I don’t hear it conversation very often! I’m afraid I don’t know very much about Australia, but it always sounds like a gorgeous place.


    1. Right now the only knolls I know ARE epic mountains! I never thought I’d move to an area that had actual hills…Those knolls I remember seem so small in comparison!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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