Day 10 – J is for Jejune



1.naive, simplistic, and superficial.

2.(of ideas or writings) dry and uninteresting.


Wow, almost forgot to post today! Don’t know what’s wrong with me, maybe getting close to the mid-month blues or something, but writing has been the last thing on my mind. I blame video games these days…No, really, I’ve got some really good video games to play recently and it’s been hard to pull myself away…

So my procrastination at writing lately makes today’s word extremely relevant. For such a pretty sounding word, I always wonder whether my articles turn out “lacking interest or significance or impact.” In fact, part of the reason I run this blog is to get over my fear of writing boring, awful things. (Yes, this is my dumping ground for all my random writings, didn’t you know?).

In hindsight though, I find that most viral links I see popping up on my Facebook feed fall into the jejune category, so as long as I’m not writing clickbait articles, I suppose I’m doing just fine!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my next article: Most Interesting Blogging Article on the Interwebs…You’ll Never Believe What This Writer Thought She Could Do

3 thoughts on “Day 10 – J is for Jejune

  1. Jejune always trips me up, because it’s SO GORGEOUS and yet has an opposite-of-gorgeous meaning. Arg! And because it starts with J, I associate it with Jubilant and Jamboree, which mean fun and happiness. And then I remember Jejune is not fun. Arg arg!


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