Consistently Inconsistent

“You know what would be a great idea?” I said to myself out loud, in my kitchen, while sipping from a crystal glass of finely-aged wine while my well-groomed and well-behaved dog snoozed quietly at my feet on my highly polished and super-shiny kitchen tile that repelled dirt with ease. “I do declare, that I should blog every week now.” I paused to take another sip, watching the birds out my totally-not-covered-with-dog-nose-prints-and-child-handprints glass sliding door, where exotic birds of all kinds grazed easily in my not-dog-poop-covered backyard that was painstakingly taken care of with love.

“And,” I rose dramatically, throwing my chiffon robe behind me with a flourish, “I will post these blog posts on Monday! Every Monday, yes, that’s sounds quite right!” Nodding to myself, I walked out of the kitchen and over to my immaculate mahogany writing desk, definitely not covered with junk, and sat down to write my next masterpiece while my live-in nanny/butler/robotic servant that didn’t have crazy-take-over-the-world AI stepped forward to clean my beautiful house that I definitely did not rent and had beautiful carpets that didn’t stab my feet when I walked on the edges.

Yes, I do write fantasy stories, why do you ask? 😉

But I really do want to make Monday my main posting day, despite the fact that I’ve totally dropped the ball this week. For now, I’m just happy to be posting every week! Posting on a specific day is something I have always shied away from, but dagnabbit, I’m a writer and I am supposed to meet deadlines, so meet deadlines I must do! It’s good for me! Arrgh! *bites into the head of a bat aggressively, which is really just an apple, which is still really gross because I don’t like apples, which is blasphemy and I’m sorry*

My Excuse of the Week (which may become a blog feature if I keep up this trend) is my daughter’s birthday party, which took place this past Saturday. Prior to making my Monday goal, I neglected to realize that hosting a somewhat-social event (it was a skype birthday party with family and friends from back home) would entirely drain me of every motivating thought ever. Who knew?

But rather than mope around the fantasy house of my dreams (to be clear, the one in my head only), I decided to quit my belly-achin’ and just write, so here I am! Please close your eyes and pretend it’s a Monday and then open them again so you can keep reading!

And if you are an astute reader, which I know you are because you are awesome, you might have noticed that I can now cross off one thing from my  Monthly Goal List! Which is good, since March is already half-over, heh heh…yeah…need to get a move-on with that one.

So what’s one thing that you’ve put off this week? Or have you been super on-task all week long? If so, can you bestow me some of your time management/motivational super-powers? Let me know in the comments!



6 thoughts on “Consistently Inconsistent

  1. I am tackling goals slowly, one at a time, one baby step at a time. The “Zen Habits” method. This week I added exercise to my routine. I walk 10k steps most days and I wanted to add some upper body workout to the mix. Mostly I have done a few pushups and some arm weights, 10 to 15 minutes max. Just have to see how well I keep it up.

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    1. That’s awesome! My husband and I have just start exercising last week and it does make you feel good at the end of the day (besides making you feel like death while you’re doing it, or is that just me?) Taking goals one at a time is a good way to do it; somedays I’m just pleased I got the bed made and didn’t forget to feed the dog!

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  2. Monday is also my day for blogging! And I try not to put things off; I am the sort of person who makes lists, (sort-of) sticks to them, and tries not to avoid doing things. I can’t say where my powers of motivation come from. It’s a mystery to me too. I wish I could figure it out though, as it would make a great subject matter for a best-selling non-fiction book.

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    1. My motivation seems to come whenever I am the busiest with something completely different. Like driving a car, doing the dishes, riding a bike…BAM epic writing idea time. And then by the time I actually get around to writing I have most likely forgotten the said idea. Which is why my entire life is covered with sticky notes and little steno pads of paper to keep me from forgetting anything ever. Almost, lol.

      And Monday is the best day for blogging! You have the weekend before to prep, and then it’s #MondayBlogs on twitter for exposure and meeting other bloggers, and it makes Mondays a little less sucky!

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