Getting Back to It

Here’s a shortish list of everything I’ve been doing besides blogging for the last few months:

Celebrating Halloween
Celebrating Thanksgiving
Attempting Nanowrimo 2015
Throwing my dog a birthday party
Celebrating Christmas
Making New Year’s Resolutions
Watching the birds
Fighting the good fight against never-ending household chores
Just plain nothing


Yeah…I’ve been gone for a bit. But enough about the past. Let’s talk about the present.


I have actually been quite busy lately, but busy in my own way. Random library books, documentaries, general parenting, and, y’know, stuff. But I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug recently and would like to give it another go. I don’t like to question my urges; I just ride them out until the next one comes along.

Since deciding that I wanted to blog again, I’ve done a lot of thinking about why I want to blog, and what this blog is supposed to be, and its purpose in my life, and a bunch of other silly thought exercises, but right now, I don’t think all that deep thinking matters. At least it doesn’t matter to you, Dear Reader a.k.a. Random Cool Person. Maybe someday I’ll nail down a topic for this blogthing, or try to fit it into a profitable-type theme, or maybe I won’t. What matters is that I have this little piece of the internet, so why not experiment with it a bit?

In the forecast for next week: Random curiosities, my attempt to be a more interesting person, and lots and lots of run-on sentences. Until then, let’s agree to have a magical weekend that’s worth writing about, shall we?

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