What Photo-Manip Apps Do You Prefer?

Since I am a pretty novice internet-person, I have a question for all you more savvy types:

What photo manipulation apps do you prefer?

The only one I ever use is Instagram, and while that’s nice for posting on, well, Instagram, I’d like something a bit different for editing photos here. And yes, I could and have searched them up myself (I’m not being lazy, I swear! Procrastinating a bit, but not lazy!), but I’m asking for opinions here.  Features I’m looking for are ease of use (since I’m a noob), price (since I’m broke), and quality (since I’m fly like that). Mobile apps and browser apps are both totally fine.

So throw some suggestions my way, pretty please? Pretty pretty please? Pretty please with puppies on top? And the puppies are only for decoration, not for eating, just to clear that up, but if you want they can be holding bags of jelly beans or chocolate chips or whatever you’re into these days. I won’t judge.

3 thoughts on “What Photo-Manip Apps Do You Prefer?

  1. orangepondconnects

    I use PicMonkey for all my photos on my blog. It works in your browser, so you don’t have to download anything. I also use it to downsize all my pictures, so that my media storage space doesn’t get used up fast. And it is free, but if you wish to have all the bells and whistles, then you can go monthly or yearly for a subscription. I went yearly because I use it a lot and knew I’d get my money’s worth. Hope this helps a little 🙂

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