The Trouble with Networking

Networking. It’s a word that has always made me shudder in the past. My husband used to go to a networking group back when he sold insurance, and it looked like torture. Go to a meeting of total strangers, introduce yourself and what you are doing with your life and hope they’ll like it? No thanks. But he loved it. He loved meeting new people and talking about products and ideas from a different perspective. He loved making connections and learning about other people’s passions. I respected his opinion, but knew I could never do it. Until recently, that is.

Ever since I have decided to get serious about my writing, I have voluntarily spent large amounts of my free time on networking. And I don’t mean I’m trying to sell my work or anything, but just simply meeting new people who have a similar interest and finding out more about this crazy industry. During my vacation last week, I actually spent the better part of a day just looking around at blogs and twitter accounts, meeting other people. I never ever thought that little old hermit me would actually want to meet new people, but I did it without thinking about it. And it’s been nice.

What’s the problem with all this? Time. All my time spent making new online aquaintances has robbed me of my writing time, which is the whole reason I started networking. I now spend more time trying to keep up on what’s happening with everyone that I haven’t written anything for myself for a few weeks now. And since actually writing is kind of important to a writer, I have found myself in a conundrum.

The answer I have found for this is moderation. I dearly love this new venture I’ve started, but my first true love is calling me back. I’m making plans to be better organized next month and am truly excited to start balancing my life a little better. At the same time, I am glad that I spent these last two months meeting so many great people. It was worth it to see how others are living, how their passions work, and what this whole blogging thing is all about. I look forward to making this summer be something I’ll remember the rest of my life, and I hope to see you be a part of it. Happy Writing!

3 thoughts on “The Trouble with Networking

  1. This is exactly how I have been feeling lately as I embark on this journey except I have the added pressure of needing to finish my novel and earn a living… yesterday. I have to develop a readership so I need to network. I have precious little time to actually write since I need to blog and also homeschool my children, so I have reached a point of understanding the key to all of this: balance! Thanks for an amazing post today!

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    1. Good to know I’m not alone! I commend you for your efforts; I stay home with a 3-year-old daughter and a 7-month-old puppy and they do not approve of my writing time. I count every day that I attempt to stay balanced as a win!


  2. I know what you mean. Gaining visibility online is a necessary part of being a writer – otherwise, who would read our stuff! But it sure takes a lot of time and effort. To help with this, I gave myself a routine: follow this many twitter people per day, read this many new blogs, etc, and I make it manageable so I still have writing time and other things. I don’t always stick to it but it helps. I do well with schedules, such as dedicating Tuesday to “catch up on blogs” day 😛 Do you think that would help you?


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