Summoning on a Friday Afternoon

Today was my last vacation day and I’m kinda glad. Vacationing takes a lot out of ya, especially when you’re a hermit that doesn’t interact with the outside world on a frequent basis. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

To top it all off, this week my daughter got sick for the first time in her toddler life. She somehow thinks that being sick is morally bad (she kept trying to convince us she wasn’t sick and didn’t want us to be mad at her) and she kept asking, “What’s happening to me?” It was quite possibly the saddest thing I’ve ever seen her do. On a cuter note, when asked about getting sick she said she got “carsick and floorsick.” Ah, to be a child again.

Suffice it to say I spent last night sleeping on an uncomfortable futon with her and the dogface, trying to get comfortable while simultaneously making sure she didn’t fall off the futon or burn up in a fiery feverball or making sure dogface didn’t contribute to either problem. It was quite a night and I woke up thinking that blogging would be the last thing I would want to do today.

Daughter and Dogface on the most uncomfortable futon I have ever owned.
Daughter and Dogface on the most uncomfortable futon I have ever owned.

But I guess I love blogging more than sleep itself, because here I am. I didn’t have the oomph required to write a full article, but I wrote this small scene from my newest WIP and felt like it could be shared. It’s a fantasy story about summoners and that’s about all I know of it right now. Fair warning, this is a rough draft and any and (hopefully) all grammar errors will be fixed in the future. Enjoy and have a great Friday!

“Just close your eyes and concentrate. Picture the creature you want to bring into this world. Hold its form in your mind. Remember, think small for now. And don’t drop your summon stone!”
Wilder tightened his grip on the stone, and concentrated. His face wrinkled. He began to feel a hotness somewhere in his mind, like a piece of kindle catching fire to his thoughts. He imagined a powerful wolf, sharp claws, long fangs, as big as a horse…but remembered his instructions and thought smaller…the wolf lowered it’s head and it’s whole body shrank down until it was the size of a dog. Still looking wolfish, though, and tough as nails. ‘Perfect,’ he thought, ‘A wolf-dog to chase her stupid cat.’ But as soon as the thought crossed his mind, the image shimmered and shifted out of place until the wolf-dog existed no more. He heard Adeline snicker from somewhere behind him, and Mage Malley cleared his throat impatiently. The heat in his head began to fade and Wilder panicked.
‘No, no, no! I’ve got to do this!’ he yelled in his head. He grasped the stone with both hands now, but he couldn’t get the wolf-dog back, all he could see was Adeline’s smirk, Mage Malley’s disappointing head-shake, and his father’s looming face. “Any day now.” He heard someone say, but he was too far gone to realize it was only in his head.
‘Anything, please, anything,’ he pleaded. ‘Just let it be tough.’ His headspace went dark and there was sudden shock of pain from his hands.
“Ow!” he yelled, dropping the stone at once. He opened his eyes in time to see Mage Malley’s owl swoop down in front of him, catching the stone out of the air.
“I told you not to drop it.” Malley said, as his owl flew overhead and dropped it into his hands. The scholar crossed the room and handed the stone back to Wilder. Wilder was surprised to find the stone was hot and felt full of static.
“Well, go ahead then. Call your spirit.” Malley said. Adeline moved to stand behind, her pink kitten already perched and cozy on her shoulder.
“Um, okay.” Wilder held his stone out away from him. “Spirit! Release!”
The stone sparked, the heat in his head flared, and on the ground a light appeared. Wilder grinned, watching the light bend into a wolf-like shape. He couldn’t keep the smug grin off his face as he looked at Adeline.
“Wow, you really went for small, didn’t you?” she said, reaching up to her shoulder to give her spirit a scratch on the chin.
He turned back to the forming spirit, which was only about as big as his foot. The light was beginning to recede into a physical form, and yes, there were four legs and pointed ears like the wolf he envisioned, but they looked too skinny and short, the tail too long…something was wrong…the light faded completely and Adeline burst out laughing.
“A long-eared tree squirrel?! Fantastic!” she exclaimed, doubling over from her laughter. Her spirit meowed angrily as it leapt to the floor to avoid falling.
Wilder merely stared in disbelief. Sure enough, it was a squirrel, just like the ones that scurried around the grounds of farm back home. Instead of being brown, it had a dark gray, shaggy coat and tufted triangular ears, remnants of the mighty wolf warrior of his dreams. It sat up on it’s back two legs, long tail curled up along it’s back, and looked at him curiously.
“Now, now, settle down Adeline. Don’t judge a creature by its look alone. Don’t forget that one of the Forecaller’s spirits started out as an earthworm.” Mage Malley said, bending down toward the creature to have a better look at it.
“Ugh, now I”m lumped together with the Worm Caller?” Wilder moaned and took a step back away from his spirit. Adeline laughed even harder, wiping tears from her eyes.

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