Hope and Inspiration in the Strangest of Places

For a long time, I really struggled with the idea of keep a blog. Most blogs that I had read in the past had focused on a niche: food, organization, writing, photography…and I didn’t have one. My life is one big bumbling mess of nerdy things, artsy things, mom things, and writing about said things. My brain refuses to focus on one topic, so I thought that blogging wouldn’t be for me. I did quite a bit of blog stalking research to finally decide that I could probably attempt a journal/writing blog and thus, here I am. But my mind still wanders a bit and that is why I was so excited by what I found yesterday:

Now, yes, this video is an ad for an upcoming video game. But it’s much more than that. It’s a tiny story of hopes and dreams and the realization of both. I felt instantly connected to that man, alone in the field, planning out the dreams in his head. I have been there in that field, holding the bare bones of a main character in my head. I have laid down at night thinking of what my book will look like. I have cowered from the rain when plot holes and indecision have stopped my progress. And I think I am just starting to see the pieces fall into place, one by one, creating something beautiful.

Inspiration is everywhere, no matter the topic. The fact that I had profound writing thoughts while watching the coverage of this year’s E3 makes me confident about my choice to blog. Connecting different parts of my life together is what I aim to do, and if I can cross video game trailers with writing inspiration, I think this blog venture is going to turn out just fine.

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