The Waiting Game

I submitted my first two writings for publication last week. It was a huge breakthrough for myself and my writing, which I had hoarded like a dragon’s treasure for most of my life. I liked to pretend that I wrote for other people, but in truth, showing people my work terrified me. Writing is such a pure and direct correlation to one’s thoughts…I always thought that if someone didn’t like my writing, it meant that they didn’t like the real me. I felt like I poured a little bit of my soul on the page, and putting that out in the open for others to casually read was appalling. Not saying that my writing is high-caliber (so far from it), just that I hate being judged and even more, I hate being wrong. And since writing is an art, there are so many ways to be “wrong.”

But I was never happy just writing for myself. When I wrote for others and saw the emotions that my work caused, it felt like magic. I was working a spell on them through words on paper, causing them to feel emotions and see images that had only existed in my head. Now it existed in two heads, three, more…What a crazy thing this was…It is my biggest motivator for continuing to write.

This week (hopefully today), I will hear back from one of those publications. I am fully expecting rejection, but at the same time, there’s that glimmer of hope…but even if I get that first golden rejection slip, I am proud of myself. I wrote a work specifically for publication, meeting a guideline with a cover letter to boot…Those are things I am proud of doing. No regrets here.

How do you other writers cope with the waiting game? Absorb large amounts of Netflix? Check your email ten times a day? Let me know in the comments and we can wait together!

2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Congrats on submitting your work, which is an achievement in and of itself!

    I’ve been waiting to hear from agents for awhile, and I’ve just gone about my business. The waiting usually takes too long (weeks or months) to have it impact my daily life. Same goes for when I’m waiting to hear from a literary journal about a short story, which I’m currently doing now, too. They’ll pop into my mind now and then, but otherwise, I just do what I normally do. Actually, a big part of what I do while waiting is researching/preparing for the next submission, because having that ready to go in the event of a rejection saves me time and keeps me always looking forward.

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