10 Neat Songs for You

As a music-lover, I am always on the prowl for new music. It’s an insatiable need, a lust for new and improved musical adventures. It basically causes me to prowl around on Pandora and Rdio longer than I should. For any fellow music-lovers out there, here’s a sampling of favorites from my current music collection.

I’m going to admit that I stole was inspired by the blog Adventure of Lexie (link here). She is doing a 30 Day Blogging Challenge this month and you should go check it out. She is much better organized and a bit more interesting too. So, without further to do: 10 Songs in Random Order That I Think Are Neat

1) This Is Gospel by Panic! at the Disco

Picking my favorite Panic song was not easy, but I eventually decided on this one. So much piano. So much feels. There’s also the original, punkier version if you prefer.

2) Way Back When by Grizfolk

I discovered this song in a very strange way. My parents and I were attempting to take my then 2-year-old to have her first movie theater experience, and she was having none of it. My dad began theater-hopping, trying to find something she would sit through, and thus we ended up watching the very tail end of Mr. Peabody and Sherman. This song played over the credits, and I took an immediate liking to it and the band. Unfortunately, this was also around the time that my in-laws’ family dog was developing kidney problems and I am not ashamed to say I sung this to him a few times before he passed.

3) Collapsible Lung by Relient K

There are a dozen different Relient K songs I could’ve put here; this one seemed to sum them all up.

4) The Saltwater Room by Owl City

One of the first Owl City songs I ever heard. I think I had this EP on repeat for about a month straight.

5) Down by the Willows by John Davey

Love this haunting song. And I went to summer camp with the songwriter. Small world.

6) Roll Away Your Stone by Mumford & Sons

7) I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

8) La Da Dee by Cody Simpson

This song is adorable and sweet and damn that ukulele for making me feel so happy. This song played as the credits of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, which is surprisingly fantastic and comes highly recommended. If you like watching an entire movie based on food puns, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

9) Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles

A good old classic. I chose the Love version because of its beautiful intro.

10) Mountain Song by Of Monsters and Men

Hope you found some new earworms to satiate you for awhile. If you have any of your own song suggestions, drop ’em in the comments! My iPod will appreciate them!

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