Cleaning and the Inevitable Depression That Follows

Cleaning is a pointless endeavor. This sentence has been going through my mind all day as I have been attempting to deep clean my house. Actually, my exact thoughts were more like, ‘Cleaning is stupid, that mop is stupid, this carpet is stupid, those crumbs are stupid,’ etc. Close enough.

Why should we be obsessed about cleanliness when it is such a fleeting thing? After sanitizing/de-crumbing my kitchen counters, they looked like you could prepare a grand chef’s meal on them. Until I made lunch. My once shining counters turned into an ant’s paradise. And don’t even get me started on the floors! I carried my dog through the kitchen to keep his dirty paws off my newly-mopped floor. Carried him. A nearly-grown Labrador. Yeah.

But for that brief moment, it was all done. Every floor vacuumed, every speck of dirt swept, those ancient take-out boxes in the back of the fridge finally banished to the trash…hell, even the microwave got scrubbed and the oven was set to “clean.” For that moment, I had conquered the filth of living. And it felt good.

Now I’m going to go to bed and try not to think about all the dirt and fur and food and trash that will return. I also think I will become a zen master. I’ve certainly learned the point of pointlessness today.

5 thoughts on “Cleaning and the Inevitable Depression That Follows

  1. orangepondconnects

    I have two children who seem to think the floor is their dumping ground. I go into their bedroom at least once every month to do a thorough cleaning…and a few days later it is back to looking like their closet exploded! So, I feel your pain on the whole “pointless” matter when it comes to cleaning lol

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    1. I feel ya. I asked my three-year-old to clean her room today and she told me, “How ’bout I watch a movie and you can clean my room?” I told her she had to clean her room before Grandma would come over. Her reply? “Grandma likes movies too.” /facepalm

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