In Which I Ramble on About Nothing in Particular

Today is Day 11 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge and I’d like to pretend it’s a milestone day. I suppose if I squint and think about it really hard, I could make up a reason. I did skip writing on Sunday, so this would be my tenth article in June! Yay?

I had another article semi-prepared for today, but just wasn’t feeling it. I suppose I’m getting the end of the week blues. And with a vacation looming, I feel busier than ever. My responsibilities are creeping up on me and my normal tactics of avoidance are beginning to fail. *sigh* Why did I ever want to be a grown-up as a kid?

Back to the blog. I’m a little torn on this blogging challenge I’ve taken on. On one hand, I do feel like I’m thinking about my blog a lot more and learning things a lot faster than my first month. Yet, I feel a little stretched, like my life has suddenly become just a blog. I don’t think that I’m ready for everyday blogging yet, so when this challenge is over I will probably set a slightly less stressful schedule. That would also give me time to filter out the good ideas from the meh instead of just throwing them all out there like I am now. (Yeah, sorry ’bout that.) AND I would also have more time to write on other things, y’know, like a writer should. I have been guilty this week of hastily typing up an article, hitting publish, and thinking that I’ve accomplished my writing quota for the day. My poor book ideas and reviews sit lonely in their file folders, starved for attention.

I am happy that I’m doing this though. I’ve learned that I’ve at least got what it takes to put something halfway decent to paper every day. I am starting to discover what my best writing times are and what days of the weeks I write the best. I have been getting up earlier and earlier in order to give myself more time to write, and I think I am developing some actual writing habits *gasp!*.

So on Day 11, I suppose I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve got a long way to go, yet I’ve already made it farther than I ever have before. Onward into June!

(Thanks for indulging my ramble. I will have a proper article for you tomorrow. Probably. Definitely. Yeah…)

4 thoughts on “In Which I Ramble on About Nothing in Particular

    1. Thanks! That’s what my post today was originally going to be about, but my brain thought otherwise. Plus, all I had was “I got a new layout, yay me!” Not much substance there.


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