My Favorite Characters (Part One)

Over at the NaNoWriMo facebook page, it’s been declared Character Week. In honor of that, I decided to write about some of my favorite characters. Today features Part One: my favorite characters that I’ve created.

1) Rayne

Blonde hair, blue eyes, a little on the short side…and also a magical Muse, pretending to be just a normal, everyday bard. Rayne is a good guy in a bad situation for most of his story. I really admire his joyful attitude about life, despite all his hardships. And being a goodie means he’s always willing to go out of his way to help. I really shouldn’t torture him the way I do…but then I wouldn’t be a very good writer, now would I?

The fact that I could, and have, written pages and pages about this character makes him near and dear to my heart. Also the fact that he was first character I ever created, waaaay back in elementary school when my only writing was Jurassic Park fanfictions. No, he is not part of a Jurassic Park fanfiction anymore, thank god. His story has evolved as I have grown until it has almost become something of it’s own. He is the main protagonist of my NaNo 2014 project, and I hope to have the kinks in his story ironed out within the year.

2) Crowe

From the same story, Crowe is basically a spiritual being in a physical body. He has wings, a sword, and means business all the time. In his species, it is common after completing warrior training to go into the world of the mortals and take on a human charge, protecting them until they die. If they do so, they are rewarded with great power and a higher standing in their society. Being young and fresh from warrior’s training, Crowe mistakenly chose Rayne to guard, not knowing that Rayne was a Muse. Rayne thinks this is hilarious and goes out of his way to point it out whenever possible.

I really enjoy Crowe as a foil to Rayne. He is so serious and I think his eyes are stuck in a permanent roll due to Rayne’s carefree antics. If he had his way, he would lock Rayne in a dungeon just so he wouldn’t have to drag him out of trouble all the time. Yet at the same time, Crowe respects the choices Rayne makes, at least morally. He would just like it if he didn’t have to clean up the mess every time.

3) Ashlyn

Oh, Ashlyn! You poor, poor character. She deserves a little side-story, so bear with me.

Ashlyn was originally part of the same story as Rayne and Crowe. She was another Muse, pulled from the past to complete a prophecy. She was the magical healer of the group. Note that I use the past tense for her…

I have a great fondness for her because she was the first character to really surprise me. As I was working on her backstory, it hit me that she was more interesting than my main character. She was an unwilling time traveler in a future that she should never know, fighting a battle that she was destined to be a part of…Soooo much better than my boring non-time traveling protagonist. So I did the first thing that came to mind…I nixed her from the story.

She was too good a character to play second-fiddle in a story that wasn’t her own. Taking her out of the story allowed it to move in a very different direction and saves her character for future use. I hope to someday write her a proper story where she can really shine.

4) Lyra

I haven’t actually written about Lyra, and that’s why I’m interested in her. Same story as before, but she’s a Muse that has hidden herself away from the world. I don’t entirely understand her motivations, but she is immensely powerful (stuck in meditation all that time) and entirely naive about the world. I am very curious at how she will come to grips with what she is and how the world perceives her.

5) Wilder

Wilder is a relatively new character for me, and I am eager as anyone to find out more about him. He came to be a few weeks ago when I started working on a story about summoners. Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about summoning magic, and neither does Wilder, so we are learning together. He’s young, dumb, and prideful, the perfect combination for shenanigans. I look forward to getting to know him and his summons over the next few months. Lucky for him, his book is gearing up to be my project for July’s Camp NaNo.

Honorable Mention:


First off, I made this character before Frozen came out, I swear. You can look at the dates on game files, I have proof! Yes, this is a video game character I made for the game Skyrim. After spending over two hundred hours with her, she can’t help but make it into this list, despite not being completely original. She is my first ‘lawful good’ character, always doing what is right without a second thought and trashing the bad guys whenever she has a chance. She was born with a playful sense of adventure (think Fionna from Adventure Time, as was her original model). My favorite memories of her include racing across the whole of Skyrim to try and time the ride (34 minutes from Solitude to Riften!) and one particular scene where she was asked to give up an Elder Scroll for 5000 gold and refused the money, knowing that giving up the scroll was the right thing to do. I have literally never had a character so all-around good before, nor a character that was so dang good at combat. If I had too, I could write volumes on her and her adventures. Ahh, good times.

What are some of your favorite characters? Are they as troublesome as mine? Or even more so?

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Characters (Part One)

  1. Your characters seem fun! It was great reading this. Perhaps I will do a similar post about my own cast.

    One of my favorites is Zalea, whose post you might have seen on my blog. She’s a dryad, and I love writing her because her way of thinking is so odd. She’s almost child-like. Often clueless, but in a funny, endearing way. And her endless kindness makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

    I also have a big, mushy soft spot for Violet, the main character of the novel I’m working on publishing. She’s a tender-hearted dreamer, a people-watcher, an artist. She’s very quiet and mild-mannered, but not shy – her quietness comes from simply a desire for quiet. Despite her mildness she’s got a fantastically quirky sense of humor. And the emotional hardships she’s endured are things I’ve pulled from my own fears or experiences, so I feel a kinship with her. And she was the first character I created after a long hiatus, so she has special meaning.


    1. I do remember reading about Zalea! Didn’t you have a drawing of her…? Maybe? (My memory and I are not on speaking terms right now.) She seemed like a really neat and interesting character. Is she in a book? I wouldn’t mind reading more of her.
      I don’t really have a lot of quiet characters, which is strange because I am generally a quiet person (speaking-wise, anyway). I guess I let my characters do the talking for me. I feel like I should go out and make one right now to balance the scales.
      I really enjoyed writing this post and I will totes read yours if you decide to do it, if you can forget I ever used the word “totes” in conversation.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha, you totes can have a “get out of totes free” card. 🙂 Yup, there was a drawing of Zalea too! She had the branchy antlers. And she is in a book – she’s the second-most main character in the novel I’m currently writing, roughly halfway through.


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