Please Make Your Characters Evolve

It is my duty as a blogger/person of opinion/human in general to tell you whenever I am upset over something trivial. I regret to inform you that this is one of those times.

Every weekend, my friend and I watch a few TV shows in the morning. Since we live about 1200 miles apart, we do this over the internet and it is a precious time. Our latest show is Being Human (the U.S. version), a show about a werewolf, vampire, and ghost living together, regretting their existence, and trying to be as human as possible. It’s a great show, with fantastic actors and interesting characters that help make what would be the “usual” supernatural problems something worth watching. The first season is especially fun and I would give it a view if you like supernatural things. (Just try not to think of the actual show Supernatural, because the entire cast would be dead if Dean and Sam ever stumbled upon them.)

My beef is with the very last season. The beginning started off with a bang, and I was pretty excited about it. And then, the middle of the season blues. It seems like the characters are going through a repeat of problems. The werewolf couple who has been through thick and thin is blown apart by a problem that doesn’t even compare to things they’ve gone through before. The vampire is going through his “I kill people and drink their blood” woes, despite being 200 years old and going through this EXACT emotional journey in season one. The ghost…*sigh*. I don’t spoil anything, but she’s making some pretty bad decisions. What really upsets me is that these are problems the characters should have learned long ago.

When characters repeat their drama, it makes all their previous struggle meaningless. Perhaps you have a character that is upset by what he’s done. He cries, gnashes his teeth, tries to atone…and eventually starts making some headway. He makes good decisions, renounces his ways, maybe has a few slip-ups but is ultimately overcomes and becomes a better person. That’s good. I’m okay with that, and seeing his growth encourages me as viewer/reader. But then three books/seasons down the line, he slips again back into his old ways and does the exact same ‘woe is me’ routine…I’m gonna admit, I don’t have as much sympathy for him this time around. This is old news, the character should know better. Perhaps this is closer to real life, where people do make the same mistakes over and over throughout their lifetime, but storytelling can’t be exactly like real life. We don’t have eighty or ninety years to tell a character’s whole life story, and we need to make it entertaining. Problems shouldn’t just exist to be drama-bombs, but should arise from an actual conflict in the character or setting or circumstance. It makes me think less of the character, and of the writer, to see a situation repeated.

I suppose what makes me the most irritable is the fact that this was a non-issue for the characters for so long. A little warning that this was still a problem would be nice. Unless I put on Days of our Lives, I don’t want to watch a soap opera. Problems should rear their ugly head and actually affect and change the characters, for better or worse. Maybe having a character fall back to his/her original state could be a statement of your story, that people can’t change or something similar…Just make sure you’re torturing your character for the right reasons.

Hopefully the end of the season justifies what’s going on with TV characters, but right now, it’s just incredibly frustrating to watch…But the first three seasons? I highly recommend them 🙂

Have you ever had a book/TV show/movie irk you in the same way? Please share your examples so we can share our character pain together.

3 thoughts on “Please Make Your Characters Evolve

  1. orangepondconnects

    You basically watch all the same shows that I like/did like. I watched the first two seasons of Being Human…then got bored with it. Watched the first six seasons of Supernatural…then got bored/frustrated with the writing of it. And Supernatural used to be one of my favorite shows, but they started to reuse old storylines and the characters weren’t growing, and I haven’t really watched it since.


    1. Even though I love Supernatural, It should’ve ended at Season 5. They wrapped everything up so nicely. Season 6 was abysmal, Season 7 just barely better, and from there on out it just barely gets a little better each season. Surprisingly, the storyline for Season 10 is pretty good, but the filler episodes are sooooo repeated. How many times can you watch the boys salt and burn something? So yeah, sometimes I wish I stopped at Season 6, lol.
      As for Being Human…I just really love the characters, but I cannot recommend the last season. I don’t know what was going on with the writing, but the characters are all over the place and don’t make any logical sense. I just want it to be over, but I’m too OCD to quit with only three episodes left, lol.
      Wow, sorry for the novel. I have many…feelings…for these shows today, lol.

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