True Facts, True Facts

Day Four of my summer writing challenge! So far, so good! Despite the fact that I just remembered I have family visiting this month and will have to have articles pre-written, I am feeling much better from yesterday. Partly because I don’t have as many adult responsibilities as I had yesterday, and partly because I just started three new drafts for articles coming up. Unfortunately, none of them felt right for today, so I figured I’d do one of those “get to know me” articles for your enjoyment and because listing facts that I don’t have to research is so much easier than the alternative. So, without further ado, have some facts about me, on the house!

1) I am 27 years old and I don’t like it. I think of teenagers as babies now, and I’m not okay with that. (No offense teens, you’re still soooo much cooler than me it’s not even funny and I’m just super jealous.)

2) I’ve lived in the U.S. my whole life and have never left the country. If I could though, I would go England, because I have relatives there and it just seems like a fantastic place with so much history and culture.

3) Last year, I moved from my home state of Indiana all the way across the country to southern Arizona. Although I lived in Indiana for most of my life and will always have a Midwestern Heart, I adore Arizona and it’s beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather. Yeah, it’s hot in the summers, but the rest of the time…oh so nice. And I don’t miss the snow. Just the rain.

4) I am a pastor’s daughter. It was an…interesting way to grow up. I don’t really recommend it.

5) I have one younger brother. He is six years younger than me and was an annoying little shit most of my life, but now we’re cool. And he can officially stop bugging me about not writing about him…

6) I have only dated one person in my life. We started dating in high school and just never stopped. We’re married now and have been together for over a decade, which is ridiculous. I like to tell people that and watch the shock on their face, usually followed by the question, “Wait, how old are you?” The only downside of this is that I have absolutely no dating advice for anybody. “Marry the first person you see” usually falls flat for some reason.

7) I have one daughter, who is three years old. I named her after a song and she didn’t inherit my shyness, which I’m very happy about. She also loves dragons, can recognize the TARDIS on sight, and knows how to Falcon Punch. I think I’m raising her right. Time will tell.

8) I have a dog. His name is Chester, he’s a yellow lab mix, and he’s afraid of nearly everything. He’s six months old and I have seen him be startled by small birds, the wind, and his own poop. Which is why he and my daughter have formed a posse that shadows me around the house. Have you ever tried to pee with a 50lb dog lying on your feet and toddler commentary the whole time? It’s quite the experience.

9) I worked for three years as a home healthcare provider, than worked as a CNA at a nursing home for a year and a half. I saw things, man. So many things…It was a wonderful and crazy experience ,and I wouldn’t trade those memories for the world. And it had the bonus perk of making me completely able to handle most bodily fluids and injuries. Yay for experience points!

10) If you couldn’t guess by now, I am an all-around nerd. If it’s nerdy, I either love it or know enough about it to fake it. I play video games like they were novels, I watch “fandom” shows, play tabletop games, and have cosplayed in the past. I regret nothing.

5 thoughts on “True Facts, True Facts

    1. Cosplay is really fun and I highly recommend it! I’m a total shy hermit in real life, but cosplay gives me confidence I wouldn’t normally have. And we named Chester after the Winchesters from Supernatural; my husband and I are slightly obsessed 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


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