The Lazy Is Strong with This One

I have been struggling to write this all day. No, really, writing this very post has taken up the majority of my thoughts today. I keep thinking, ‘I can not be feeling this way, this is only Day 3 and I’ve challenged myself to write for 27 more days, my god, what have I done?,’ and then I go pacing around the house in lament. This is not a productive way to go about writing, just to let you know. Highly unrecommended.

But despite all that, here I am, typing away anyway, even though my head is telling me that a nap would be nice. “How ’bout you lay yourself down and listen to those sweet new jams on your iPod?,” she whispers, “It would only be an hour; you’ve already wasted more than that in trying to write something of merit.” She’s a seductive temptress, this muse of procrastination. Luckily my squid-beast is used to her tricks and bats away her words easily. He glares at her, slaps me in the face for good measure, and reminds me that I have two novels competing for space in my brain, and I can’t very well stop blogging after publicly making a blogging challenge, ’cause all the shame would be mine. It’s days like today when I actually like that squid-beast. I might even give him a name someday.

Believe it or not, I actually wrote down a list of topics to write about today. I really did try. I came up with eight topics, right off the top of my head, but when it actually came to writing about them, I fell flat. I just didn’t have the ‘oomph’ needed to make any of them work. But the great thing about lists is that you can always save them for later, so that’s what I’m going to do. Someday maybe I will write great, captivating articles about The Quest, Steven Universe, my new book idea, waiting to hear back from publishers, or the daily habits of the hummingbirds which haunt my patio.

Someday I will write about those things, and probably many other topics. But today…I’m going to give in to the sexy Procrastination Muse. This post will have to satisfy the beast for now. Here, have a pic of my lazy-ass dog and pretend it’s a well-written, thought-provoking article.

Chester is not helping to motivate me today, the slacker.
Chester, the least motivated dog I know. He gets it from his owner.

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