Projects, Projects, Everywhere!

This week is starting off with a bang! I’ve got a good number of projects that are either in the works or about to start, and I figured I’d give you a heads-up since you’ll probably be hearing a lot about them in the near future.

1) My book. Yes, first and foremost is the elusive book I keep mentioning. I’ve set myself on doing a chapter a week, which may not sound like much, but it’s more than enough for me. I’m a slooooow writer, and sometimes I just need the extra time to think about things. I also need time to do the rest of these projects, so yeah. A chapter a week it is. I’ll be going into more detail about this elusive beast tomorrow.

2) A fanfiction. Yes, yes, I know fanfiction has a bad rap. But writing is writing to me, and I am dying to write an idea that’s been banging around my head for the last few weeks. It’s a Supernatural/Five Night’s at Freddy’s crossover, so if you like either one of those things, good on ya! Bother me about it and maybe I’ll post it here when it’s done. 🙂

3) Ghostwriting. This is another ‘for fun’ project that is in the idea stage. It’s actually two different works that were done by friends of mine. One is a Halo story about my friend’s OC spartan, and the other is an old fanfiction that was written in our college years. The former needs written down, while the latter is an experiment to see whether I can turn a fanfiction into an original work. As pointless as they may seem, I look forward to these as a test of my writing skills.

4) Non-writing things. I have a few personal projects that I need to get done as well. Mother’s Day cards, for example. And a friend of mine made my daughter a gorgeous plushie of the pokemon Gyarados for her birthday, so I want to take some pictures of it and my daughter playing ‘pokemon trainer’ in the backyard. (Why Gyarados? It’s my daughter’s favorite pokemon. Why yes, she is three years old and calls it her Dragon Friend. This is nerd parenting done right, my friend.)

On top of that, I’ve got some beta-reading to do, an online fiction-writing course which I haven’t started yet, and my brother’s moving in next week so I should probably clear out the closets in his room…I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

So where does this blog fit in all this mess? Everywhere! I deliberately write these articles quick and dirty-like in hopes of forcing me out of my slow writing habit, so there shouldn’t be any lack of content this week. Most of the projects I have are for my own enjoyment anyway, and right now, I get more enjoyment out of working on this than anything else. I have been thinking about the best way to add content here and I am leaning towards some ‘theme days,’ such as Novel Tuesday or Video Game Friday (and hopefully come up with better titles than that). On a related note, I am still learning the layout of this whole blogging thing, so bear with me. If you see anything that looks weird or could be improved or is missing, please let me know. Gently, and with pictures of kitties, if possible.

5 thoughts on “Projects, Projects, Everywhere!

      1. I know what you mean! I’m the same way. But I don’t mind it – I enjoy the process of crafting the sentences, fleshing out the world, digging into the characters’ thoughts. Rushing that would bother me. But I realize my time is a luxury since I have no deadlines right now and other writers do.


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