Lazy Days

Today was my lazy day. I did absolutely nothing of interest. I partly blame the new bed set I just put on my bed (which feels a-ma-zing) and the fact that I had a quite productive week. Starting this blog was the highlight of it, but I also finished a quick and dirty draft of chapter one of my novel, which I have been struggling with since I started the damn thing. And yes, I will eventually go into more detail about that particular project, but today I’m just feeling…lazy.

And that’s not a bad thing. A lot of the time, if I take a ‘lazy day’, I feel like a complete waste of a human. Like, why in the world am I here if all I’m going to do is lay in bed and read books I’ve already read? What kind of person eats ramen for breakfast and ice cream for lunch while still in her pajamas? And don’t get me started on long showers…who does that? Who bleeds Mother Earth dry just to pretend that the bathroom is a neverending tropical rainstorm? That guilt-filled voice is so loud in my head that I never really enjoy these days. I just kind of become a vegetable.

That’s not what lazy days should be. Lazy days should be where you take some time to focus on yourself. Do something you like to do, rather than what’s needed. Pamper yourself. Read that trashy crossover fanfiction. Dance to some pop music in your living room. Do what’s necessary to keep yourself sane. And don’t guilt yourself out of enjoying it.

I will admit, I took a long steamy shower today and it felt so so good. And wouldn’t you know it, a new scene for my book popped into my head at the same time. And I don’t feel quite so lazy anymore.

Header pic: Chester, my lab mutt. As a baby. On my pillows. Being lazy. 

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