What’s with the Mountains?

You may notice an unusual amount of mountains on a blog that’s supposed to be about writing and nerdy ways. Let me explain.

I’m from the Midwest. Born there, lived there for a good majority of my life. And boy, it is flat. Picture endless cornfields in every direction, only broken up by the occasional soybean crop. Suffice it to say, mountains have never been a big part of my view. In fact, any sort of hill always interested me. Most of them around where I lived were man-made from various park projects or construction sites, but it was all I had. I really had no concept of ‘mountains.’

Fast forward a good many years to when my husband decided to take a job in Arizona. Do you know how different Arizona is to the Midwest? Very. The answer is very. I was expecting a desert: cacti, reptiles, sand, cow skulls. But what I got…glorious mountains!

The mountain ranges just spring up from nowhere and you can see them stretching on for miles and miles. We live in a town snug up on one of the ranges, so every time I leave the house, I see them peaking over the rooftops, a constant reminder that this ain’t Kansas anymore. (Not that I lived in Kansas, but, y’know, quotes.)

The first time I visited, we took a day and hiked up some mountain trails, which was spectacular and blew my little Midwestern mind. There was nothing like this in my home state; everywhere you looked resembled a postcard view. After we moved, my husband, daughter, and I hiked to the top of the second tallest peak in the range. Have you ever stood on a mountain peak? If not, I highly suggest it. Although it was a grueling climb, the views, baby! Oh, the views! To look down and see mountain peaks below you and helicopters, yes, helicopters flying below you is an experience I will never forget.

I can’t help but compare my actual mountain-climbing to my writing journey. Was it easy to make it to the top? Hell no. Did I want to turn back many many times? Hell yes. Were my struggles worth it in the end? Absolutely. I don’t know what the peak of my writing career will look like, but I’m betting that the view will be spectacular. So, yeah. There will be mountains on this blog 🙂

Header Pic: One of the views from the aforementioned peak.

2 thoughts on “What’s with the Mountains?

    1. Christine B.

      Ah, Ohio! I do believe it’s even flatter than my Hoosier state! But I always loved the cities…As for Utah, it’s on my list of places to visit. The pictures look beautiful. Glad you have your own mountain view now!


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